Tag: Software-as-a Service

  • A Problem Common to SaaS and SOA

    I read a blog posting from the other day by a frustrated software as a service (SaaS) vendor venting that:

    • They need rapid release cycles... but,
    • They can't find all issues in their pre-production...
    April 15, 2008
  • Polymorphic SOA

    There's lots of industry noise about Service-oriented architecture (SOA) and the expected benefits, but in many cases SOA is an implementation of procedural programming that may be implemented in Object Oriented (OO) technologies such as Java or .NET. That said, I cannot really see anything OO in a...

    March 17, 2008
  • Selling Oriented Architecture

    I participated in a SOA roundtable the other week. End-user organisations were present – in banking, automotive, logistics and other sectors. It was chaired by Butler Group, the analysts. The topic of the roundtable was how SOA technology and principles were being adopted in end-user organisations....
    October 18, 2007