Sitefinity Thunder supports Visual Studio 2012 and helps developers avoid ALT + TAB

Sitefinity Thunder supports Visual Studio 2012 and helps developers avoid ALT + TAB

August 15, 2012 0 Comments

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Earlier today Microsoft announced the official availability of Visual Studio 2012 and we are happy to announce that the latest release of Sitefinity Thunder, a Visual Studio plug-in that helps developers extend Sitefinity CMS, has now been updated to support Visual Studio 2012.  This extended support is included alongside our new MVC and Razor templates, as well as numerous other enhancements.

Thunder helps you avoid ALT + TAB in Visual Studio 2012

Web development in a CMS often includes an endless stream of ALT + TABBING for .NET developers.  Most of the core development is done in Visual Studio, but developers are forced to ALT+ TAB to the CMS to make this code take effect, or ALT + TAB to the documentation to refer to proprietary CMS details.

Alt + Tab

We want to help you stay in Visual Studio, rather than continuously switching context.  To facilitate this we created a suite of Visual Studio extensions called Sitefinity Thunder.  This tool enables developers to connect to a ‘live’ Sitefinity instance and then use this connection to manage website templates, themes, widgets, modules, layouts and more.  In addition, numerous code templates enable developers to quickly generate the ‘boiler-plate’ code needed to create CMS extensions.

Quick ‘Photo Tour’ of Sitefinity Thunder

In Visual Studio 2012, Sitefinity Thunder can be quickly located and installed using the built-in Extensions & Updates manager.

Sitefinity Thunder is a Visual Studio Extension

Once installed, a connection can be established to a Sitefinity instance and the project can be explored, in Visual Studio, using the Sitefinity Explorer.

Connect to live Sitefinity projects from Visual Studio

Remote templates and code can be retrieved with single click and then edited directly in Visual Studio.  Sitefinity Thunder also enables Intellisense support for native and custom Sitefinity content types.  When finished, changes can be deployed by simply saving the file.

Full Intellisense support inside Sitefinity Widget Templates

Sitefinity Thunder is also packed full of code templates that prevent you from visiting our documentation to retrieve ‘boiler-plate’ implementation code. 

The new ASP.NET MVC code templates in Sitefinity Thunder

Developing in a CMS should not be a chore!

Next week we’re doing a full 1-hour webinar where we’ll explore the advantages of Sitefinity Thunder and many other developer-friendly enhancements in Sitefinity.  Register here.

Otherwise, click here to learn all about Sitefinity Thunder and download the fresh bits.


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