Sitefinity meets Web 2.0

Sitefinity meets Web 2.0

May 16, 2007 0 Comments

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To break the monotony I’ve decided to make a short break from pluggable module series (though that series we’ll continue parallel with this new one) and give you the list of ten Web 2.0 applications you can build with Sitefinity! Some of you may scratch your head now and wonder if I was celebrating official release of Sitefinity 3.0 a bit more than I should of and if the common celebratory substances remaining in my body are making my blogging just little too creative. Nope. As I will show, Sitefinity 3.0 is much more than just yet another CMS.

Sitefinity meets Web 2.0

This, as I have already stated, will be yet another list (I’ve got hooked on lists after reading Nick Hornby’s High Fidelity).

Ten Web 2.0 apps you can build with Sitefinity

This is not a definite list, but I like number ten almost as much as creating lists. I also like popcorn, but that fact may be behind the scope of this post :)

So, here we go :

  1. Digg-clone application
  2. Dating site
  3. Photos sharing site
  4. Team collaboration application
  5. Feed aggregator
  6. Personal organizer ( TO-DO list + Calendar)
  7. Blogging platform
  8. Job board
  9. Social networking site
  10. Wiki

Now, don’t get me wrong. You will have to do some programming, but with Sitefinity you are more than half way done which ever of the listed applications you are about to build.

Every day, for the next ten days I will explain the rudimentary idea of how you could approach building one of the applications. For each application I will provide you with the (hehe… here we go with the lists again) :

  • Basic idea
  • Short features list
  • Basic implementation idea (user controls, modules, web controls…)
  • Ideas for improving the application
  • List of Sitefinity API methods and namespaces you should use to accomplish the task
  • Application diagram

So stay tuned, tomorrow I’ll kick it off with the Digg-clone app.


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