Sitefinity Update Introduces a DAM, a Geolocation API, and Touch-Friendly Mobile Navigation

Sitefinity Update Introduces a DAM, a Geolocation API, and Touch-Friendly Mobile Navigation

July 18, 2013 0 Comments

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A CMS Updated with Your Customers in Mind
Your customers expect to connect and engage with your business at an increasingly accelerated pace.  They expect to engage with you using a multitude of devices and have access to a vast amount of content and digital assets.  We kept this in mind when we set out to create the latest release of Sitefinity CMS. As our product team identified the features that would be most important for you to engage your customers, we took a two-pronged approach.  We wanted to include features that would empower both nontechnical users and  the most experienced developers to work more efficiently and give you more control than ever before. 

Sitefinity 6.1 does just that. 

What's New in Sitefinity for Both Technical and Nontechnical Users

If you are a business user responsible for managing digital assets for the online experience, take a close look at the new Sitefinity Desktop Application, which contains a lightweight Digital Asset Management (DAM) solution.  We designed it to empower content authors and marketers to more efficiently manage digital assets  – without help from an IT specialist or designer.  Easy-to-use, intuitive tools give you the freedom to create, publish, organize, store and edit both text and images and to sync content and digital assets across all your Sitefinity projects directly from your desktop. So you shouldn’t worry even if you have little or no CMS experience. 

If you are a skilled developer, you will love how Sitefinity 6.1 provides you with pre-defined CSS so you can easily adapt or create new mobile-friendly templates and touch-friendly navigation.  New Content Blocks empower developers to specify wrapper elements to assign values for new types of semantic tags.  You’ll also want to explore the Geolocation API in Sitefinity 6.1 that enables location-based services.   Furthermore, new navigation templates and widgets simplify complex tasks and help you build greater functionality into your site. 


Below are a few examples of the powerful new features that both developers and business users will find in Sitefinity 6.1. 

Organize, Create & Edit Digital Assets - Sitefinity 6.1 For Business Users

  • Drag and drop both files and folders to build searchable libraries for the reuse of digital assets.
  • Edit images on your own without the need of an agency or designer.  When you are ready to take them live, our Thumbnail Generator will do the heavy lifting and automatically generate the multiple sizes you need throughout your website.

Thumbnail Generator

  • Edit live documents on the fly, without having to download and reload files or launch new applications.
  • Publish blogs, news items, event notices and more without having to understand or use the behind-the-scenes CMS interface.

Mobile-Friendly Templates & Location-based Services - Sitefinity 6.1 For Developers              

  • Create touch-friendly navigation for mobile devices by using or adapting out-of-the-box Sitefinity 6.1 templates.
  • Use our new Geolocation APIs to capture location information from any address-enabled client device and then filter and sort content to personalize the user experience.

Geolocation API in Sitefinity ASP.NET CMS

  • Specify wrapper elements for content blocks and new semantic tags for addresses, phone numbers, authors and articles.
  • Easily customize the look and behavior of Sitefinity navigation using our new widgets.
  • Selectively sync content, dependencies and language versions for greater control over how your development and production environments align.
Selective Sync

Begin Your Experience Sitefinity 6.1

For more on Sitefinity 6.1 and what it can do for both developers and business users, visit the What's New section of To learn more about a CMS with a lightweight DAM solution, read the blog "Why IT Managers Must Help Marketing Manage Digital Assets."

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