Real-Time VoltDB Analytics Powered by DataDirect

Real-Time VoltDB Analytics Powered by DataDirect

July 20, 2015 0 Comments

Thanks to Progress DataDirect OpenAccess SDK, VoltDB now supports ODBC connectivity for real-time analytics and BI.

You’re probably already familiar with traditional SQL-based relational database management systems. This is the old guard of databases, including products like Microsoft SQL Server and IBM DB2. For decades, this has been the technology that companies lean on for secure, reliable access to their most important data. As our world becomes more and more data-driven, many companies are turning to NoSQL databases like MongoDB that promise speed and scalability to supplement their heritage systems. This speed and scalability is especially critical when it comes to real-time BI and analytics.

NewSQL for a New Era

Even with all their benefits,  NoSQL databases do introduce some data integration challenges. For example, NoSQL databases often have vastly different structures from relational databases and do not support standard SQL querying. While there are drivers available for NoSQL databases (like our Progress® DataDirect® ODBC/JDBC drivers for MongoDB) that normalize non-relational data so that it displays in a relational data format, some companies may require another option.

NewSQL databases were designed to combine the best features of the relational and non-relational worlds in one package. By maintaining the transactional integrity of traditional database systems while providing high-end scalable performance of NoSQL systems, NewSQL is poised to take on the non-relational options on their own turf.

Progress Delivers Real-Time VoltDB Analytics

Leading the way in the NewSQL space is VoltDB, which offers an in-memory database solution focused on fast data access, and recently has become even better thanks to new ODBC connectivity built on the Progress® DataDirect® OpenAccess SDK™.  Though they have supported JDBC access for some time, the new ODBC connectivity will allow VoltDB users to fully leverage a broad range of ODBC BI and reporting tools.

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VoltDB enables faster BI and analytics with drivers based on DataDirect technology.

According to John Piekos, vice president of engineering at VoltDB, “What we are seeing now is a move towards real time. Now, you can capture the real-time analytics of what happened in the last minute, what happened in the last five minutes, what happened in the last five seconds, and that allows you to make quick business decisions.”

Utilizing the built-in performance of Progress DataDirect, VoltDB was also able to reduce time to market by 50% versus other solutions, developing a prototype in one month and releasing the new driver in just three months.

Power Up Your Connectivity

With newly-added ODBC connectivity powered by DataDirect, VoltDB can now deliver truly real-time analytics that keep up with the pace of business.

Even if you don’t use VoltDB, you can still leverage the blazing fast data connectivity of Progress DataDirect with our suite of ODBC and JDBC drivers. Free trials are available any time!

For any questions or comments, don’t hesitate to reach out or leave a note in the comment section below.

Jared Douglas

Jared Douglas is a Marketing Specialist at Progress, working on the DataDirect business. Since earning his Bachelor's degree at North Carolina State University, he has been responsible for coordinating content for the Data Connections blog and talking about the latest and greatest from the world of data connectivity and integration.

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