Putting SID to work

Putting SID to work

July 22, 2009 0 Comments

On July 21st at 10am (ET) John Wilmes, our Chief Technical Architect for the Communications sector, will be speaking along with John Reilly, the TM Forum’s Senior Program Manager for the Information Framework, on the Information Framework (SID).

You can register here

Every time I attend one of the webinars that John Wilmes does with the Forum, I’m always impressed by the TM Forum’s completeness of thought. Unlike a lot of other industry and architectural frameworks out there – the Forum didn’t focus on just part of the puzzle.  What was understood, and what the Solution Frameworks (NGOSS) highlight, is that business transformation requires addressing elements that live both within and between business process, information models, logical applications and technical architecture. Part of the joy of hearing John talk about the SID is to hear again how the data, process and applications all interrelate to each other.

For those of you who might be new to the TM Forum – or even those of you who are looking for a solid conceptual framework for thinking about transformation problems - in addition to this webinar there have also been several other webinars from the Forum that John has done over the years, including:

  • What is NGOSS and What Can it Do for You: If you’re looking for a great introduction to the Solution Frameworks
  • NGOSS Contracts: The Key to Improved Interoperability: How Business Services (NGOSS Contracts) can improve interoperability across multiple business silos / stovepipes
  • SOA and NGOSS Contracts: A Practical Approach to Integration: How SOA and the frameworks fit together

For an alternate, non-telco example of a similarly complete framework that spans process, data and applications—there was also the recent webinar by Boris Bulanov and Frank Neugabauer about the Insurance industry’s approach to transformation the ACORD Framework. Many of the concepts are similar and it's another proof point that one must consider the whole problem and all its requirements when initiating an integration or transformation project.

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