Making data available is a massive boon

Making data available is a massive boon

January 13, 2014 0 Comments

Making data widely available may be critical to enterprise progress.

Making data widely available may be critical to enterprise progress.

When looking for a platform in which your employees can run their critical applications, it pays to think about the data being generated in the various corners of the business every day. Making that information available beyond its origins has become an important facet of business intelligence and analytics, with the benefits of widespread visibility becoming clearer all the time. Therefore, when you select your Platform-as-a-Service environment, choosing an option such as Progress® Pacific®, which is available with the powerful Progress DataDirect Cloud™ connectivity service, may put you significantly ahead of your competitors.

Fast and widespread data access The question of where data will be needed is now moot. It's important everywhere. It was previously acceptable to funnel key information to one team, dedicated to the task of providing reports and providing the results to the rest of the departments. Now, however, it pays to have constant access to everything, from social media information to huge stores of machine-generated content. Whatever you have needs to be visible everywhere for optimal analysis.

The right PaaS solution can be critical for this purpose. When making your infrastructure more accessible and cloud-based, you have a great opportunity to right other wrongs. This could include breaking down the silos between your different departments, letting their information become the fuel for excellent decisions in seemingly unrelated sections. This is one of the major themes of the big data era of business intelligence. Everything has potential value, and the fewer divisions exist between data sets, the better the outcome will be.

Ease of use Of course, powerful software is no good if it is difficult to operate. Giving all of your workers access to better information is an empty promise if they are unable to actually make that information work in a way that makes sense. This is one of the factors that elevates Progress Pacific and Progress DataDirect Cloud over other options in the field. The interface works with a huge variety of content sources, but does so in a way that will make sense to your workers and always keep that information secure.

There is value in being able to work with information from across an entire organization, and doing so may soon become a standard procedure. Companies that don't have access to this data on demand will begin to look slow by comparison to their peers. This transitional moment may be the time to acquire this capability, and selecting the right PaaS deployment could be the deciding factor for your business.

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