Introducing Progress Health Cloud

Introducing Progress Health Cloud

December 11, 2017 0 Comments
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Today we introduce Progress Health Cloud. Creating successful and compliant patient-centric digital health experiences is faster and easier than ever.

It’s no secret that the digital experience you get when interacting with the healthcare ecosystem leaves much room for improvement, regardless of whether you’re a patient or a provider, a doctor or a hospital administrator. As digital transformation has swept across numerous industries, the response within the healthcare space has been stubbornly slow.

The healthcare industry has unique challenges that have made innovation difficult, particularly around compliance with strict regulations and a legacy of complex systems of record. But with today’s technology these simply don’t have to be roadblocks any longer. Enterprise Health Clouds (EHCs) open up powerful new options for quickly creating the kinds of modern experiences your workforce and customers now expect.

Here at Progress, making software so easy that it just works is part of our DNA. We’ve leveraged our 35 year history of world-class business application development and our recognized leadership in the Enterprise Health Cloud space to create an innovative new Health Cloud experience, meticulously designed to make the development of secure and compliant digital health experiences easier and faster than ever before.

Introducing Progress Health Cloud

We’re proud to announce that the Progress Health Cloud is now available. The Progress Health Cloud is a fully integrated platform that delivers amazing HIPAA compliant digital health experiences quickly and effectively. From building apps to gaining a 360 degree view of a patient to securely handling sensitive PHI data and more, Progress Health Cloud will help you move faster and dramatically improve the patient experience.

The Progress Health Cloud is unique among EHCs, providing the only completely serverless all-in-one solution that combines our industry-leading mobile app development technology with our recognized leadership in health clouds. The Progress Health Cloud has everything you need to deliver successful digital experiences in one place. Just log in and get started in minutes.

Build Faster with Accelerators

The Progress Health Cloud has purpose-built accelerators for every part of the development process, helping dramatically speed your time to market, deliver faster data integration and reduce your overall costs.

Built-in HIPAA Compliance

HIPAA compliance is critical for any technology designed to handle sensitive patient information. The Progress Health Cloud provides built-in HIPAA compliance for every app—saving you over $50,000 in compliance costs for each.

Deploy Fast with Pre-Built Templates

There’s no need to reinvent the wheel every time you want to give your users a delightful digital experience. With pre-built healthcare app templates, SDKs and APIs at your disposal, you can deliver high quality experiences quickly.

Cloud Services Made Easy

Easily utilize the cloud with 20+ services that are ready to go. No more worrying about where app data will be stored, whether it’s secure and how you can derive insights from it all—it’s all taken care of and available on-demand.

Integrate with All Data Sources

You have EHR and other healthcare and enterprise systems that house important data, which all need to be fully integrated, along with patient generated data, into any new patient experiences. With Progress Health Cloud, you’ll have secure and sub-second access to popular systems.

Progress Health Cloud at a Glance

Put it all together, and the Progress Health Cloud delivers a complete platform for all your existing and emerging channels. You can learn more about the platform here.

Progress Health Cloud Accelerators

Move Faster and Reduce Costs

Progress Health Cloud is built to quickly deliver tangible benefits. Thanks to the wide range of purpose-built accelerators, you can cut your time to market by 75%, deploying in days or weeks instead of months. At the same time, our state-of-the-art serverless cloud backend is proven to reduce the total cost of ownership by over 60%, as it requires no maintenance and scales with you as you grow.

We’re excited to share Progress Health Cloud with you. To learn more about how it can help you or your organization, please visit the Progress Health Cloud page, and feel free to dive deeper in our dedicated resources page.

Introducing Progress Health Cloud


Sravish Sridhar

Sravish is the General Manager for the Progress Kinvey and Progress Health Cloud solution set. Driven by a passion to build teams and technologies that bring value to millions of people, Sravish has been an entrepreneur from the time he graduated with a computer science degree from the University of Texas. He founded Kinvey with the belief that mobile devices and applications are going to empower people across the planet by enabling new ways to access, communicate and collaborate with the world we live in.  

You can find him on LinkedIn or @sravish on Twitter.

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