How to Accelerate Data Discovery

How to Accelerate Data Discovery

June 06, 2013 0 Comments

You may have read my recent blog post on how to ensure that business applications are able to make the most from efficient data connectivity. So now that you’ve uncovered the mysterious data lurking in the depths of your data stores and begun to grasp the new application development environment, it’s time to get a better feel for the skills required to accelerate data discovery. Once you’ve accomplished this third, and final step, you will have a much better understanding of how to develop data-driven applications that can help attain critical business insights.

Undoubtedly, applications consume an abundance of data and require adaptability to new cloud environments. To rapidly implement or update those applications for Cloud, organizations need to build on existing skill sets such as enterprise programming or SQL for data access. Another party is required to support the frequent API changes happening in the cloud in order to reduce costs. Consider collaborating with a partner who is knowledgeable in Cloud connectivity for integral SaaS-based services.

Remember how the Higgs boson particle was finally coaxed into existence for less than a nanosecond and the collaborative effort required – 10,000 scientists and engineers from 600 institutions in more than 100 countries (hurrah for grid computing!). It was because of this collaboration that the discovery was made. The team was able to draw from many different data elements for extreme collaboration –by collecting data and information from multiple sources, synthesizing the data, and using Big Data to trigger appropriate changes and actions. Providing as much intelligence and analytics as possible enabled the research team to adapt quickly and achieve astounding discoveries.

Business applications are the same way, and being able to adapt quickly to Cloud environments by reusing existing, prevalent skill sets and collaborating with key technology partners that are experts in new world environments are both important to obtain fast ROI. By leveraging IDEs like Progress OpenEdge and starter kits for data connectivity like Progress DataDirect OpenAccess, we enable integration with SaaS data using prominent BI and ETL tools. Bottom-line: reuse existing skills and speed up application development.

When the goal is to adapt to changes in an application as data migrates to the cloud, traditional basic data driver connectivity is not enough. Data-driven applications need the fusion of mobile application development, cloud service technologies and intelligent data connectivity solutions – such as the solutions delivered by Progress OpenEdge, Progress DataDirect Cloud, and Progress DataDirect OpenAccess.

Applications also require the fusion of application deployment and SaaS data access to mobile users for rapid responsiveness and adaptation to changes. In short, organizations need an adaptive application development environment that leverages a cohesive data-aware Cloud-based service to progress revenue growth significantly in the near future – through quicker and lower-cost application development and deployment. Still not getting it? Leave a comment below or ask us at @DataDirect_News!

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