How Informatica Uses DataDirect ODBC Drivers to Supercharge Application Performance

How Informatica Uses DataDirect ODBC Drivers to Supercharge Application Performance

August 17, 2012 0 Comments

By reading our blog you've probably gleamed a bit about DataDirect solutions, such as ODBC and JDBC drivers, which deliver premium database connectivity; ADO.NET providers, which deliver high performance in data transaction intensive environments; and our custom driver SDK, which enables the development of custom drivers for any data course or API within days. While all of these solutions sound compelling in theory, you may be wondering how DataDirect customers actually utilize our products in practice.

Philip Line, Senior Product Manager for Informatica, sat down to discuss why Informatica chose DataDirect to manage its data connectivity and how the solution is used in developing enterprise big data integration software. In the video below, Phil outlines that Informatica chose DataDirect for three reasons:

  1. Breadth of connectivity
  2. Performance
  3. Compatibility

In the future, Informatica hopes that smart data transfers will be a possibility in the industry. As people expect quicker responses from every application, the speed of making a decision will be paramount.  With DataDirect’s help, Informatica will generate the momentum required to make smart data a reality.



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