How Camstar uses DataDirect to Empower Real-Time Manufacturing Software

How Camstar uses DataDirect to Empower Real-Time Manufacturing Software

September 17, 2012 0 Comments

In an earlier post we discussed how Informatica uses DataDirect ODBC drivers to supercharge application performance. Now, we have another example of how DataDirect drivers can be used to improve the performance and scalability of a real-time manufacturing application.

Camstar, the largest manufacturing execution systems software provider in the world, chose the DataDirect ODBC driver because it allows them to ensure that its mission-critical applications are high performing and able to access large volumes of data – all with codeless configuration.

Continuous system uptime is paramount for Camstar, as the company processes up to 110,000 transactions per second. DataDirect provides access to a common protocol so engineers can be focused on writing applications instead of on data access needs. This not only saves valuable time and money, it also allows Camstar to better serve their customers.

Interested in learning how Camstar will use DataDirect technology moving forward? Check out our latest video!


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