Highly Productive App Development to Improve Patient Care

Highly Productive App Development to Improve Patient Care

December 14, 2018 0 Comments
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Innovating quickly is already a challenge for app developers, let alone those working with sensitive data. Learn how a high productivity platform can help you build even HIPAA-compliant apps fast.

The healthcare industry is booming, powered by advanced technology that uses data to produce meaningful new insights. However, healthcare information is complex and regulations around it are stringent, which can make it tough to bring new ideas to market quickly. Muvr is on the cutting edge of new healthcare technology, focusing on delivering an application that adds precision motion capture and big data to orthopedic care while providing a clear medical view into their patients’ health, progress, and medical records. Everything is shown simply through the Muvr application patient dashboard. It is used by orthopedic surgeons, physical therapists, and patients—and, critically, it is fully HIPAA-compliant.

How does Muvr do this? They have developed wearable sensors that track the patient’s mobility in real-time directly on the smartphone application. The application measures and monitors the patient’s progress as they recover from surgery and that data is synchronized with the patient’s care team to give everyone a view into the patient’s health and progress.

Muvr has been a customer of Progress Kinvey for more than a year, and have used Kinvey to get their product ready faster. The Kinvey high productivity app platform provides them with HIPAA compliance out of the box, as well as an app development platform that is seamless, easy to use, and simple to manage. Using Kinvey frees up the Muvr team to focus on innovation instead of infrastructure and gives them more time to devote to expanding their clinical customer base.

Free Up Developer Time with Built-In HIPAA Compliance

HIPAA compliance is expensive, time-consuming, and takes resources away from development and innovation. By using Progress Kinvey, Muvr took advantage of Kinvey’s built-in compliance, freeing up developer time and money to build critical features. The security of their client information was assured with a minimum of effort and they were able to avoid the costly and lengthy compliance process entirely.

Develop Quickly with a High Productivity Platform

In addition to not having to worry about HIPAA compliance, features such as lifecycle management, disaster recovery, and Kinvey’s client libraries stood out as productivity boosters to the Muvr team. Muvr’s app was built easily and runs well without needing a dedicated team in-house for maintenance. Rapid iteration cycles allow the team to quickly adapt to user feedback and develop core features efficiently. By using Kinvey, they gained a suite of solutions to common industry pain points, as well as a dedicated support team, which let them focus on the parts of their app that were most important.

We are excited to continue partnering with Muvr as they grow their business in the healthcare industry. You can visit Muvr Labs’ website for more information. To learn more about how Kinvey can help you deliver your apps faster, click here or just sign up for a free Kinvey account today.

Jessica Galenski

Jessica Galenski

Jess is a Sr. Customer Success Manager at Progress, specializing in Kinvey, NativeScript & Kinvey Chat products. Jess has been working with Progress for 5 months, and spent several years prior working with companies ranging from start-up to large enterprises. Her focus has always been to help them build leading Mobile & Web Applications. You can follow Jess on Twitter at @jgalensk.

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