Extreme Volatility

Extreme Volatility

April 09, 2008 0 Comments

Based on the title, this post can be about either:

  1. The stock market
  2. My personality

Obviously, there are two different audiences that might be addressed here. What's needed is more context around the description above to decide whether this post is actionable or not.

More context is needed. Where have I heard that before? (SOA What?)

Well, if you were in Europe in 2006 just after the acquisition, you probably heard me talk about capturing context of the messages flowing across your SOA infrastructure. It's one of my favorite topics because the benefit is so powerful.

Imagine having a system that pushes contextual information along with alerts, so that the root cause and business impact can be immediately known? This information drives action, improving user experience, and overall system performance. Cool, right?

Here's the message in my head:

  1. Actional is different because we track EVERY SINGLE MESSAGE flowing through the SOA.
  2. We do it across multiple protocols and platforms, giving people who care, an end-to-end view.
  3. We track every single message, all the time, WITHOUT AFFECTING PERFORMANCE (it's magic).

What does this mean?

  1. We have every message, and know the relationships automatically - so we can build flows that help us know where to look when a problem occurs, and where the dependencies are (even if we don't have prior knowledge of those flows ahead of time).
  2. Because we're tracking every single message, there's no "inference" involved, no guessing - just the facts.
  3. We can gather data about the flows and relate it to the flows to add business meaning to what we observe.

Why is this important?

  1. No more urgently responding to alert messages that don't impact the business.
  2. Preventative alerts let people know what's going on - improving the user experience.
  3. The context provides the ability to act on events, in ways to preserve what's important and prevent further service deterioration - important customers, important orders, important channels of business can be prioritized above those less important.

And, most importantly, no more reading blog posts about SOA when you hope to read something about this crazy stock market.

Oh, yeah. I've got a webinar coming up on April29th entitled 1+1=3: Marrying Best-of-Breed Tools for Business Process Governance, during which I'll be using some customer examples of our partnership with Lombardi. If you remember, we shipped integrated SOA Governance with Teamworks, the Business Process Management platform from Lombardi, when we shipped Actional v7.1. Join us for the live event and hear about our success.

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