Author: Todd Van Hoosear


Todd Van Hoosear is vice president of public relations for Eric Mower + Associates' Boston office, where he helps clients in the engineering, mobile, cloud, networking, consumer technology and consulting spaces bring new ideas – and new takes on old ideas – to the market. He also teaches new media and public relations at Boston University, and serves as a Fellow at the Society for New Communications Research. Find him on Twitter at @vanhoosear. 

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    Don't fall victim to any of these common social marketing ailments. I am a public relations professional by training and practice, but I spent a few years as a "programmer / analyst" that helped sharpen my tech skills. That technical background helped me see the value of blogging and social...
    July 22, 2014
  • Marketing in a Cloud World

    How do we embrace new marketing technologies without losing the personal touch? As a marketer who spent six years in IT, I was always somewhat of an anomaly wherever I worked. Several friends and former colleagues are convinced to this day that I hold some kind of engineering degree. I was...
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