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  • Stop picking on Microsoft!

    Or rather, pick on them, but save some energy for others committing the same SOA infrastructure crimes.

    A lot of commotion around Microsoft "missing the SOA boat" in the blogosphere over the last couple of days. I find it interesting on a number of levels.

    Why only pick on...

    September 13, 2007
  • Where are your blind spots?

    I have this fantasy that I'll quit this labor of love here at Progress, and start a real career selling t-shirts with street-signs-that-would-be-funny-as-t-shirt-sayings. Always on the lookout for that breakout sign, today I found one to share.

    I drove by this big rig with a sign on the...

    August 28, 2007
  • If you elect me as president, I promise to...

    John Soat's (Information Week) question "What's the first thing a CIO should do?" got me thinking. "What's the first thing I would do if I started a new job as SOA President?" I've...
    August 22, 2007
  • Thank You Scott Adams!

    Have you ever related to a Dilbert so much, you just wish you could open it in an editor, change a character's name, post it over the water cooler, and wait for said person to wander by? I've been struggling with messaging around registries, and their impact on SOA. I'm frustrated. And, it's...
    August 14, 2007
  • It's Automatic, That's What!

    During the first year of our (Actional) acquisition by Progress, I logged some 150,000+ air miles and worked with customers and Progress sales teams in over 30 different countries. During that time I had the opportunity to really feel the SOA market and understand customers' frustrations with their...
    August 10, 2007