Access your Data Quickly and Effectively with OpenEdge Pro2

Access your Data Quickly and Effectively with OpenEdge Pro2

December 02, 2015 0 Comments
Access your Data Quickly and Effectively with OpenEdge Pro2 870x220
BRAAS needed a better way to access their data in real-time that wouldn't slow down their ERP. Learn how Progress® OpenEdge® Pro2™ gave them everything they needed and more.

BRASS determined long ago that they needed to be on the cutting edge of information to excel. As a large distributor with millions of products and thousands of active customers, they have a tremendous amount to keep track of. A versatile, easy-to-use system that would provide real-time results and flexibility without slowing down other systems was proving hard to come by.

Tim Bloudek, Director of Business Information Systems at BRAAS, had spent nine months fine-tuning another data warehousing solution, but still couldn't gain all the functionality he was looking for. When he finally moved on to the OpenEdge Pro2 solution, he was up and running in a matter of weeks.

OpenEdge Pro2 data replication allowed Bloudek to create large reports in real-time from any data source, all without slowing down the ERP system. This meant he could "find and fix problems early before they escalate into significant performance issues," as he explained. He also appreciated the ability to use the BI and analytics tools he preferred, noting happily, "We’re not locked into any one." He additionally applauded the timely support, which helped them make changes as needed.

The ability to analyze all their data in real-time without slowing down the ERP system had presented a real challenge, but OpenEdge Pro2 was up to the task. BRAAS was able to choose whatever analytics tools they wanted, protect their ERP data and still create reports in a third of the time.

"Pro2 has really enabled us to get to information more efficiently and effectively,” Bloudek says. “We’ve greatly improved our ability to quickly turn that information into actions.”

For more details, you can read the complete BRAASCO case study.

To learn more about Pro2, visit our page on Progress OpenEdge Pro2 replication.

For more information, please feel free to contact sales.

Barbara Ware

Barbara Ware is Sr. Product Marketing Manager, responsible for positioning and messaging OpenEdge and OpenEdge Professional Services. She has 19+ years of experience in technology marketing leadership, strategy, content, communications and lead generation activities. You can find her on LinkedIn or on Twitter at @barbara_ware.

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