Pironet NDH Brings Progress Pacific to Germany

April 16, 2014 Data Connectivity, High Productivity, Cognitive Services , Company and Community

We're very excited to announce that we're teaming up with service provider, Pironet NDH to bring Progress Pacific to the German market! Pironet NDH will host Progress Pacific in their German Business Cloud, allowing users to quickly and easily create business applications using its simple ‘drag and drop’ technology! This means that organizations in Germany will be able to use cloud-based tools to create databases, or automate workflows with significantly less programming work.

Companies who adopt Progress Pacific through Pironet NDH's offering will be able to develop business applications that can function on any mobile device or platform, and in any environment, while significantly reducing time-to-market. The solution also offers reassurance to German companies with concerns around data privacy in a cloud environment, as Pironet NDH offers an ISO-270001-certified cloud environment that is hosted solely in German data centers.

As Khaled Chaar, Managing Director Business Strategy at Pironet NDH, explains it, “Many German companies have hesitated in setting up a cloud application environment because, for reasons of data privacy, they do not wish to store corporate information in a foreign cloud environment. In view of this, we are very pleased that in addition to Microsoft and Dell another provider, Progress, has decided to rely on Pironet NDH in implementing its German cloud strategy.”

Read the full story in our latest press release, or start a free trial of Progress Rollbase to experience the rapid appdev capabilities for yourself!

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