Rollbase Mobile Interface

Progress Rollbase on iPhone and Android

All Progress Rollbase applications can be easily accessed on iPhone and Android devices via a dedicated mobile user interface specifically designed for smart phone browsers. The screenshots below illustrate the core capabilities of the Progress Rollbase Mobile user interface.

Existing Progress Rollbase applications can be mobile-enabled in just a few clicks. See how below.

Secure Login
Users can login to Progress Rollbase Hosted Cloud or any Private Cloud instance via a dedicated mobile login page. The standard Progress Rollbase login page automatically redirects smart phone browsers to this mobile-friendly page.
Browse Applications
By simply checking a box to mobile-enabled your Progress Rollbase application, users who have permissions to access it will see it in their list of available applications when they login. As an Administrator you can control which objects from each app are mobile-accessible.
Browse Records
Touching a menu drills down to a list of records for the associated Object. Users can select any Views they have access to for navigating lists of records. Flagged records will be shown with the standard flag icon and unviewed records will be shown in bold blue.
View a Record
Touching a record brings the user to a detail view showing each of the record's values organized into sections defined by the Object's default View page layout. As an Administrator you can customize how this page is organized. Users can touch Email addresses to send an email and phone numbers to make a call directly from their phone.
Global Search
A global text search box at the top of every page in Rollbase Mobile allows quick and easy searching through any records the user has access to. Results are shown in a browsable list from which the user can drill down to view individual records.
Switch to Browser Version
Users can always switch to the standard Progress Rollbase browser interface to access all of the features not available in the Mobile UI by clicking the "Switch to Browser Version" at the bottom of any page.

How to Mobile-Enable a Progress Rollbase Application

Step 1. As an Administrator, login to your account and go to Setup > Applications Setup > Applications

Step 2. Click to view the Application you want to enable for mobile access.

Step 3. Click on the "More actions..." box and select "Mobile Edition".

Step 4: Check the "Enable this Application..." checkbox to enable mobile access and select the object Menus you want to expose to mobile users.

Step 5: Use the Page Editor to hide any sections in your View pages that you do not want to appear in the Mobile interface. Edit the page, select the section you want to hide and check the "Hide for Mobile Devices" checkbox.

That's it! Permissions and access control are the same for any user regardless of whether your app is accessed via the browser or the mobile UI.

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