What's New in Rollbase 3.0

Enhancements to mobile app development, user experience and OpenEdge integration

Industry-leading mobile app development

  • Upgrade of co-packaged JQuery mobile and Cordova libraries
  • Support for developing mobile apps extended to Rollbase Private Cloud
  • Several enhancements to mBaaS capabilities, e.g., Push notifications
  • Improved support for managing disconnected operations in mobile apps

Exposing the power of the platform for OpenEdge customers

Several improvements to the OpenEdge Service Object (OESO) capability for importing OpenEdge Business Entities into Rollbase applications:

  • Full filtering, sorting and charting on OpenEdge Service Objects
  • Ability to create 1:1 and 1:M relationships between OESO and native Rollbase objects

Usability / user experience (UX)

In our quest to provide a best-in-class, model driven UX for developers building business applications, several enhancements have been added:

  • Fastpath options for creating web and mobile apps
  • Context-specific help and assistance for developers
  • A range of other user interface improvements, e.g., Flashblock notifications, a redesigned HTML5 Page Editor, improved metadata search

Consult What's New for a comprehensive list of new features and the Release Notes for a list of known and fixed issues.

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