Oracle JDBC Driver

The Most Reliable, Best Performing Oracle JDBC Driver – for All Oracle Versions

The Progress DataDirect Type 5 JDBC driver for Oracle delivers the best performance and scalability for Java applications connecting to Oracle. DataDirect Connect for JDBC provides the benefits of Type 5 features across all versions of the Oracle.

  • Solves the limitations of Type 4 Oracle JDBC drivers such as slow or inconsistent performance and inefficient use of resources
  • One Oracle JDBC driver supports simultaneous connections to all supported versions of Oracle
  • Leads the market in performance and scalability in SPECjAppServer/ECPerf industry benchmarks
  • Provides comprehensive JDBC 3.0 / JDBC 4.0 features
  • Offers robust Oracle Bulk Load operations
  • Supports Oracle 11gR2 advanced features


the performance and scalability of your Java applications

  • Clear performance winner - in benchmark tests comparing updates, inserts, fetches, and parameter-based processing
  • High-performance Bulk Load - enables loading large amounts of data into Oracle very quickly, without requiring application code changes or additional bulk load tools
  • Easy-to-use tuning options - Control the amount of data returned across the network on single roundtrips from the Oracle server, without making application code changes

Provides comprehensive database/platform coverage from one vendor

  • One JDBC driver for Oracle - regardless of database version or platform
  • One vendor – for all your data connectivity needs (JDBC, ODBC, .NET) for any major database - SQL Server, Oracle, DB2, Sybase, and more, while offering extensive platform support

Makes it easy and cost effective to support multiple databases and database versions

  • One JDBC driver - for simultaneous connections to Oracle 8i, 9i, 10g, and 11g, significantly reducing the costs of deploying and testing applications against multiple versions of Oracle
  • Interoperability features - A common architecture across drivers and robust interoperability features such as SQL up-leveling greatly simplify the task of supporting other databases in addition to Oracle, such as DB2, SQL Server, Sybase, and more

Delivers simple, easy-to-use high availability for any application

  • Application failover – Automatically and transparently redirects requests to an alternate database server if the primary server is unavailable because of a hardware failure or traffic overload, without requiring changes to application code
  • Load balancing - Works with failover to help distribute new connections so that no one server is overwhelmed with connection requests

Enables single sign-on and end-to-end data encryption

  • Support for the Oracle Advanced Security (OAS) data encryption and data integrity feature
  • SSL data encryption - secures the integrity of your data and provides client/server authentication
  • Operating system authentication via Kerberos - allows you to include database access in a Single Sign-On environment

Guarantees reliability for demanding production environments

DataDirect JDBC drivers for Oracle are quality tested and certified with:

  • Sun’s Compatibility Test Suite (CTS)
  • DataDirect’s JDBC Verification Suite - the largest, most mature JDBC testing infrastructure, which tests all JDKs, multiple connection modes, and Java application servers
  • Hibernate Certification Test Kit - guarantees the highest level of compatibility, performance, scalability, and reliability when using DataDirect JDBC drivers with Hibernate

Ensures 100% specification compliance and robust functionality

  • JDBC 3.0 / JDBC 4.0 full compliance – supports key functionality, such as validating connections, getting and setting client information, and automatically loading the driver by the Java SE 6 VM
  • Robust functionality - Bulk Load, Multiple Open ResultSets, Statement Pooling, Freeze/Unfreeze Statement Pool, Connection Pooling and Management, Load Balancing, and Failover
  • Robust data type support – BLOB/CLOB, timestamp values, Savepoints, and resource clean up

Reduces total cost of ownership through superior technical support

  • Award-winning technical support - Focused on database connectivity, our 24x7 support can help you resolve data connectivity issues quickly; includes phone, web, email, forum, and an extensive knowledgebase



  • SPECjAppServer/ECPerf performance benchmark leader
  • Multiple connection tuning options and easy driver tuning
  • Bulk load operations
  • Pooling and managing connections
  • Statement pooling
  • Freeze/Unfreeze pooled statements
  • Data conversion
  • Socket management
  • Network wire management
  • Batching and throughput optimization


  • Support for the Oracle Advanced Security (OAS) data encryption and data integrity feature
  • OS authentication (aka Single Sign-On) via Kerberos
  • SSL data encryption

Enterprise Application Functionality

  • Application failover and load balancing
  • Interoperability between databases and different versions of each database
  • SQL up-leveling

Oracle 11gR2 Feature Support

  • IPv6
  • EditionName
  • Real Application Clusters (RAC) configuration options
  • Oracle Quality Of Service Management

Specification Compliance / Support

  • Java SE 6.0
  • JDBC 3.0
  • JDBC 4.0
  • J2EE Certified for 1.4, 1.3, 1.2 Compatibility Test Suites (CTS)
  • Certified with J2EE Connector Architecture (resource adapters)
  • Supports any Java-enabled platform that supports JDK 1.4 or higher*

*Java SE 6 or higher required to use JDBC 4.0 functionality

Additional Oracle JDBC Driver Functionality

  • Hibernate certification
  • Fully internationalized - Unicode, double-byte, multi-byte
  • JTA/JTS support
  • Robust data type support such as BLOB/CLOB and timestamp values
  • Savepoints
  • Multiple open result sets
  • Parameter meta data
  • Testing and debugging tools

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