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Whitepaper: 2014 Data Connectivity Outlook

A new report released by Progress Software provides a comprehensive view of the key trends and emerging technologies in the database ecosystem. The report, titled DataDirect Data Index, details the results a global survey of 300 data scientists, business analysts, developers and knowledge workers focused on how they are using data and where they have had success in their business.

Designing Performance-Optimized NET Applications

This document presents some general guidelines to help you improve the performance of your .NET applications.

In addition, it contains C# code examples that illustrate best practices for optimizing performance, including:

  • Determining connection requirements leads to better data source design and more effective use of connection pooling.
  • Using managed code takes advantage of features in the .NET Framework such as security, automatic memory management, and garbage collection.
  • Selecting the right .NET objects and methods can optimize resources. For example, choosing whether to use a DataReader or DataSet depends on your production environment. Similarly, using a CommandBuilder object can have drawbacks.
  • Using the correct transaction model, managing commits, and retrieving and updating data efficiently can reduce network input/output.

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