• XML Development Support

    The only XML IDE to provide truly integrated support for all of the leading XML processing, validation, and transformation engines.

  • Data Conversion

    Stream between any non-XML formats and XML, transparently reshape the XML for their application or store the XML in a relational database.

  • Big Data Solutions

    Ensure Reliable, High Performance Big Data Operations

  • Cloud-Based Data

    Superior Performance and Scalability for Cloud-Based Data Access

  • Data Security

    Ensure the Security of Your Distributed Applications


Web Services and Data Integration across Heterogeneous Data Sources

This webinar introduces an approach to data access across heterogeneous data sources and Web service integration based on XML and XQuery.

Bridging the gap between EDI, proprietary formats and XML

This webinar covers:

  • Extracting data from EDI and proprietary files
  • Aggregating EDI messages and different data sources
  • Creating EDI messages using data from different data sources
  • Converting an EDI message in a different flat file format and vice-versa