• XML Development Support

    The only XML IDE to provide truly integrated support for all of the leading XML processing, validation, and transformation engines.

  • Data Conversion

    Stream between any non-XML formats and XML, transparently reshape the XML for their application or store the XML in a relational database.

  • Big Data Solutions

    Ensure Reliable, High Performance Big Data Operations

  • Cloud-Based Data

    Superior Performance and Scalability for Cloud-Based Data Access

  • Data Security

    Ensure the Security of Your Distributed Applications


Whitepaper: Building XQuery Based Web Service Aggregation and Reporting Applications

The widespread adoption of XML has profoundly altered the way that information is exchanged within and between enterprises. XML, an extensible, text-based markup language, describes data in a way that is both hardware- and software-independent. As such, it has become a standard of choice for a growing number of Web services and Service Oriented Architectures. With a vast amount of data being published in XML format by multiple sources, the need has arisen for an easy and efficient means of extracting and manipulating this information. XQuery has emerged as an ideal way to aggregate data from Web services, relational databases, and other applications that employ XML.

Quick Start: Data Integration Suite

This quick start provides basic information for getting started with Progress DataDirect XQuery immediately after installation.