• Corticon Studio

    Corticon: Business Rules Studio

    Corticon Studio allows you to easily model and deploy business rules without the need for traditional programming.

  • Corticon Server

    Corticon: Business Rules Server

    Corticon Server is the patented "no-coding" rules engine, and its performance is unmatched in the industry

  • Data Connector

    Corticon: Enterprise Data Connector

    Corticon Enterprise Data Connector can help you connect your decision services to external data sources, increasing agility without the need for expensive custom coding.

  • Corticon Business Rules Management System - BRMS

    Corticon: BRMS for OpenEdge

    Progress Corticon BRMS for OpenEdge is a combination of two industry leading technologies used to automate decision making logic with agility and business control, helping organizations make better, smarter, and faster decisions.




eBook: Sparking Agile Business Decisions

Learn how automating business decisions with Progress Corticon takes business agility to a whole new level. It’s packed full of industry examples and real-world stories of customers like eBay that are reducing change cycles by as much as 90% and getting new products out the door up to 85% faster.

Progress Corticon Overview

Watch this short video to see how Progress Corticon enables you to make better decisions faster by de-coupling business rules from application code.